8th Wall Developer Community Resources

UX Researcher 

Project Timeline
April- July 2023 

semi-structured interviews (n=17)

Study Context

The goal of this study is to inform how community resources can best support the retention of individual developers using 8th Wall. Currently the 8th Wall community resources include a Slack developer workspace, virtual programs such as 8Talks, Beyond Reality sessions, and Cre8te sessions, in-person events, and developer challenges. This study aims to uncover how 8th Wall developers want to engage with the community of other developers, and what community structures would empower users to successfully achieve their development goals. Findings are presented to inform how the 8th Wall developer community team can implement additional community resources and improve existing ones to increase developer engagement, success, and retention.

Link to the case study is only accessible to authorized viewers.  To request access, please email joannema@berkeley.edu.